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Frequently Asked Questions

Before asking, read the FAQ to see if your Question are already answered
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- m00fish, SuppaDupaFly, JumBer and TheCheat -

Q: How do i get at bot?
A:Use /invite BotNick #Channel

Q:Why won't the bot join my channel?
A:The bots can be at max of 20 channels each. Try writing !status to see if the bots are on maximum channels.

Q:Can I get a bot?
A:Yes, try reading the page of the bot you want ( !status to see if there is a free channel to join)

Q:The bot keep Parting (Leaving) my channel?
A:Only one bot allowed, not all of them.
A:The bot ain't a Idle Bot a QuakeNet Service have to be in the channel (L or Q bot)
A:You have the chanmode Moderated (+m) and then the bot will leave

Q:Why do the bot keep Joining?
A:The bot are beeing invited all the time. only people with op (+o) can Invite the bot.

Q:Where can I find commands to the bots?
A:Go to and pick the bot you want commands to.

Q:Can I get AutoVoice/AutoOp somehow?
A:No, these bots(m00fish,SuppaDupaFly,JumBer,TheCheat) are only fun bots, not channel bots.

Q:Do the bots have a Channel?
A:Of corse they have. at #m00fish and remember to read the L message, and the topic (!topic)

- BullFrogy -

Q:When can i Request BullFrogy?
A:As soon as the bot are done

Q:What kind of bot are BullFrogy
A:BullFrogy is a advanced Channel Bot with many features (read the page about the bot for more info)

- Generally -

Q:Can you host a bot I have made?
A:No we cant host bots for everyone who ask, we don't got trust.
A:Hosting a bot require a harmles code and not doing any damage. Simpely, we are not hosting other bots

Q:Can you script a bot to me?
A:We can't script a bot in 2 minutes. but we can help with some problems if we got the time for it.

Q:Why is the homepage so long time to load?
A:First you have to stop your downloading of porn to fix the problem.
A:Else delete your temporary internet files to empty the Internet Temp folder

Q:Why don't you get trust to get more bots online?
A:It's hard to get trust! (Read by youself: )

Q:Can I Help the m00fish crew with something?
A:Sure you can help us, if someone ask of the bot give them the link to the FAQ's ( )

Q:Do you want anykind of sponser(s) if someone asks?
A:Sure we do, if we can use what the sponser offer. And if they are SERIOUS!

Q:What kind of things can you use by if a sponser ask?
A:Everything almost. but mostely: BNC (More Bots Online) - Server (Running the bots) - HomePage Domane

Q:Can you sponser us with something?
A:We can sponser you with a bot, if your channel requirements are fulfilled

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