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m00fish Site (m00fish 1st Generation)

The m00fish bot is a Danish Bot made by Spir^ for fun !

[- Commands ˛ use -]

To get the bot just type: /invite m00fish #chan
Max channels is 20 sorry for that, but I don't got IRCop status (like L and Q bot)
The bot's channel at QuakeNet is #m00fish

  • The Command on IRC
  • A little description about the Command

  • Hey m00fish
  • The bot say hey back.

  • what a joke
  • Load a random joke from a file with a lot of "jokes". no answer but a joke the question is fun in its self.

  • a real joke
  • Load a random joke from a file with a lot of real jokes we all know.

  • gime quote
  • Everybody knows it, type a wrong thing and get humiliated. this command paste them on IRC.
    (it's possible to use 'gime quote 23' to get quote nr 23)

  • !quotecount
  • Shows the number of quotes added to the database (the above command to view a quote)

  • !wq
  • Write a Quote to the database. The Quote have to be approved by The m00fish Crew before it's added.

  • gime truth
  • Ever wanted to know something? This command tells you the truth.
    (it's possible to use 'gime truth 14' to get truth nr 14)

  • !truthcount
  • Shows the number of truths added to the database (the above command to view a truth)

  • !wt
  • Write a Truth to the database. The Truth have to be approved by The m00fish Crew before it's added.

  • fish fish
  • Like fishing

  • nn m00fish
  • night night

  • what's up
  • whats up doc ?

  • tudekiks
  • want a cookie ?

  • akkemam?
  • If you know gramsespektrum you'll love this one :D

  • m00fish sing bananaphone
  • BananaPhone vs. Badger Badger
    BananaPhone the Aftermath

  • sexy
  • Do m00fish make sound?

  • m00fish go sucky sucky X dollah mode
  • m00fish go sucky sucky mode? ( X = a number )

  • m00fish didnt you see i was inhere my friend
  • Do m00fish remember you?

  • m00fish Gods birthday is when?
  • Birthday's of the |m00fish| crew

  • m00fish idlers
  • Stats for idlers on the channels m00fish are on

  • m00fish modes
  • Stats for modes on the channels m00fish are on

  • I love you m00fish
  • you love the bot ?

  • Where are we?
  • Where are the bot living ?

  • !m00fish
  • Shows URL to Online status for the bot (updated each time the site is loaded)

  • !ChanModes
  • Avaible channel modes and their command

  • !voice nick
  • give voice to a person

  • !devoice nick
  • takes voice from a person

  • !op nick
  • give op to a person

  • !deop nick
  • takes op from a person

  • !kick nick kick_msg
  • kick a person with a msg

  • !ban nick/host
  • Give the nick/host +b in the current channel

  • !unban nick/host
  • remove the +b from then chan if it exsist

  • !kickban nick kick_msg
  • Give the nick/host +b in the current channel, and kick the person with a msg

  • !mute nick
  • nick can't say anything before voice or !unmute is used or channel mode -m (demoderated) is set

  • !unmute
  • Unmutes nick (gives voice and demoderates the channel)

  • !invite nick #channel
  • Invites nick to #channel (!invite nick - can be used to invite to current channel)

  • !topic/!topic #channel
  • Shows the topic/show topic on #channel

  • !users/!users #channel
  • Show users on #channel (if #channel is on the Network, else no response)

  • !key
  • Shows the channel key, if +k

  • !savetopic Topic here
  • Save the topic at the current channel (you need op to use the command)

  • !seeloadtopic
  • See the saved topic for the channel (you need op to use the command)

  • !loadtopic
  • Sets the topic that where saved last time (you need op to use the command)

  • !reloadtopic
  • Reloads the topic if you can't see it (typical net-split is the reason the topic "disapear") (you need op to use the command)

  • !settopic
  • Set the Topic to whatever you type after !settopic (this do not load or save but only set the topic)

  • !time/!thetime
  • Shows the current date, day and time day(nr) month(nr) year - Danish Time (GMT +1:00)

  • !birth
  • Want to know the days until your next birthday?
    Eksample: !birth 24-12

  • !myage
  • If you are confused and don't know how old you are use this (can also be used to see others age :P)
    Eksample: !myage 03-12-86

  • !Spank
  • Spank someone
    Eksample 1: !spank <NICK>
    Eksample 2: !spank <NICK> ya mama

  • !ascii
  • Eksample 1: !ascii 4
    Eksample 2: !ascii €
    Eksample 3: !ascii /
    This returns the ascii number

  • !chr
  • Eksample 1: !chr 36
    Eksample 2: !chr 575
    Eksample 3: !chr 4576575
    This returns the character of the ascii number

  • !encode
  • Eksample 1: !encode hey there
    Eksample 2: !encode you suck
    Eksample 3: !encode what now?
    encode something other can't read (can be anything)

  • !decode
  • Eksample 1: !decode ):&5Y('1H97)E````
    Eksample 2: !decode (>6]U('-U8VL`
    Eksample 3: !decode >>6]U(&IU<W0@9V]T(#!W;F5D(&)Y(%-P:7)>(#I0````
    decode something encoded and see what the encoded is

  • !calc
  • Eksample 1: !calc 2+4-3*9/5
    Eksample 2: !calc 8*(3+4)+57
    Eksample 3: !calc ( 12^3 + 45^3 ) / ( 12^3 + 45^2 )
    A little Calculator + - * / ) ( ^ (Dashes dont matter)

  • !eq
  • Eksample 1: !eq 5+2 = 2+5
    Eksample 2: !eq 6+8*(2+3) = (6+8)/(5+3)
    Eksample 3: !eq 5^3 = 5*25+4^2
    A Calculater with Equal + - * / ) ( ^ (only dashes before and behind the = )

  • !player Nick Here
  • Searches for a player on

  • !vote <TIME> <TOPIC>
  • Eksample: !vote 60 Is this a lame channel?
    Makes a vote for the channel all can vote for.
    use !yes or !no to give your vote. the time is in seconds and min 30 sek, and max 300 seconds.
    There are only one channel alowed to vote at the same time to avoid spam, and only works in channels not Color muted!

  • m00fish hop
  • m00fish jumps

  • m00fish part
  • Tired of m00fish then type this command

  • m00fish your uptime?
  • Show the uptime on the Computer the bot runs at

  • !Countppl
  • Shows how many people in all the channels m00fish is in

  • !Countscript
  • Want to know what the bot is made of? a little info with this command.

  • !status
  • Currently Channels and free channels, easy to see if the bot can join some new channels.

  • !info
  • Show some Channel info (!info or !info #chan)

  • !auth
  • Show your (or <nick>'s) auth with Q (!auth or !auth <nick>) - only works every 5 secound

  • m00fish who are you?
  • Show the Info about the bot

    - Copyright© Spir^ The m00fish Crew ® -