Random Joke

If a dog could talk, what would it say to take a break?
Lets take a paws.
Who am i?
*Rawr Meow*
I'm a Gamer and Tech person by heart.
I want to get by each day with a smile and I enjoy making people laugh,
humor is a big part of my personality.
So i enjoy playing games, making videos and programming in my spare time,
and provide some entertainment value with it.
I also listen to a ton of music as it makes me happy,
in the Genres of Italo, Harddance, Trance, Happy hardcore, and a bit of Rock.

Eat, sleep, headshot repeat... No not really, but most of my hobbies involves technology.
Which includes Video and Music editing, Scripting in Batch, HTML, C#.
Hardware components and drivers, taking apart broken stuff and making a working machine.
Software finetuning in Registry and the file system.

I work in IT, and is working in a variety of different areas.
Customer needs, hardware faults, and general support on PC's, Macs, Phones and more.
Software deployment in CapaInstaller, EasyInstall, Microsoft Intune.
Generating driver and program packages, Scripting in Batch, VB and PowerShell.